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American International University-Bangladesh
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  Assistant Professor & Head [Undergraduate Program], Computer Science
  Building: D
  Room No: D01A02

Educational Details

Bournemouth University, UK
 Certificate in Teaching
Ulster University, UK
University of Nottingham, UK
American International University-Bangladesh
Dhaka College
Government Laboratory High School Dhaka


I am an Assistant Professor & Head of Computer Science at American International University- Bangladesh (One of the top ranked private universities in Bangladesh). My role includes ensuring world class teaching environment for our learners and developing cutting edge course contents within the domain of computer science and engineering. I have several years of active teaching and research experience from the United Kingdom. I was a Lecturer of Computer Science at Northern Regional College, UK. My Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) was from Bournemouth University and my research area was modelling and designing of a smart/intelligent bed system that identifies the risk of bedsores/ pressure ulcer (PU) formation in the human body and prevents it in real time based on patient's physiological and body support surface (mattress) characteristics. Currently I taught Data warehousing and Data mining at under graduate and graduate level. My research domain is Big Data Analysis using Machine Learning.