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Dr. M M Mahbubul Syeed

  Associate Professor , Computer Science
  Building: D
  Room No: D01A01

Educational Details

 P.hD in Software Engineering
Tampere University of Technology
 M.Sc in Software Engineering
Tampere University of Technology
 B.Sc in Computer Science and Information Technology
Islamic University of Technology
Rangpur Cantonment Public School and College
Rangpur Zilla School


I am Mahbubul Syeed, currently serving as an Associate Professor, dept. of Computer Science, AIUB, Bangladesh. A. Academic Teaching During my 14 years of teaching career, I always prefer an Incremental and Interactive setup in the classroom teaching. For me learning should be done in small and manageable chunks with clear objectives and learning outcomes. Practical orientation meshed with theoretical basis is inevitable for the persistence of the earned knowledge. Furthermore, each learning chunk should be placed as a staircase where the next is built upon the previous ones and the progress is clearly visible. In addition, learning should be interactive as knowledge propagates mostly through discussion and exchange of views and ideas. Thus a teaching session must offer interaction among the participants. In my classroom setup I always encourage to through questions as well as critique to any raised issue. These elements to me are auspicious for teaching Software Engineering, where the relationship between learned knowledge and its practical perspectives are not explicitly visible, and often such connection never drawn during teaching. B. Research Statement My research interest falls within the domain of Software Engineering, with keen focus on understanding what aspects of the development process and practices characterize the sustainable evolution of software projects and the ecosystem, and what analytical methods could be fostered in building the projects and the ecosystem surrounds them sustainable. In my research career so far, I have focused on studying pattern, practices and trends that leads to successful evolution of software projects, sustainability of software ecosystems, NB-IoT, architectural design and patterns. C. Software Engineering I have strong knowledge and hands on experience in designing and developing software products in OOP paradigm, especially in JAVA and Android platform. Find more: