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American International University-Bangladesh
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  Faculty of Science & Technology    


  Assistant Professor , Computer Science
  Building: D
  Room No: D0201F

Educational Details

American International University-Bangladesh
American International University-Bangladesh
Viqarunnisa Noon School & College
Viqarunnisa Noon School & College


The fact that i love most about myself is i am a very hardworking girl.I always work damn hard in any opportunities.But it is really very difficult to recognize the opportunities. I did a lot of extra-curricular activities in my entire life.I can sing, i can dance,i can play piano,harmonium. In every situation i felt that confidence and hard work goes hand in hand. I had no confidence but i am inherently competitive. I think because of the fact that i am competitive it always makes me confident. And obviously i am a true believer in destiny wherever it takes to me.I always wanted to be the best version of myself. In my MSCS i choose "Computer Network & Architecture" as my major.The curriculum is theoretical but i didn't confined myself on that theoretical part.I want to explore the practical part behind those theory.That time i got enrolled myself in two courses at the same time.Because of my hardworking capability i was able to successfully complete those courses,sit for the certification exam and now i am certified. Contribute something to the society especially to the girls is always on my dream.Because the girls are very afraid of this technical sector.As a winner of "Netriders" competition, i was able to express myself,represent my country through out Asia-pacific & Japan region.Lots of messages,good wishes i received from my friends,my female colleagues.They felt very inspired to see my achievements. So,yes i already proved myself through my achievements,my success.