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Graduate Scholarship

Academic Scholarship/Discount [General and Alumni] Policy

  1. The grant shall be for one (1) semester and shall include waiver of tuition fees only, on any other fees or charges as the case may be, and subject to renewal based on the provisions of this agreement.

  2. The grant of 25% discount on Tuition fees applies to all graduates of AIUB registered for the post-graduate programs.

  3. In no case the grant can be temporarily deferred. Waiver may be expressed or implied. Expressed waiver is to be manifested in writing. Implied waiver takes place when a grantee fails to accept the grant by signing this contract after three weeks from the day when the list of grantee is posted on the notice boards or confirmed by the Office of Registrar.

  4. The grant shall be non-transferable.

  5. At no point in time shall the grantee be disqualified from any of the initial requirements and qualifications. Disqualification shall mean immediate termination of the grant.

  6. At the end of every semester, the grantee shall maintain the following criteria:

    Criteria For Scholarship For Discount [General] For Discount [Alumni]
    Minimum CGPA 3.75 3.50 3.00
    Minimum Grade in a course B+ Any Passing Grade Any Passing Grade
    Dropping Course No No No
    Official Withdrawal (W) No No No
    Unofficial Withdrawal (UW) No No No
    Failed (F) No No No
    Incomplete (I) No No No
  7. In cases of semester(s) or course(s) dropping, and/or #6, the grant will be discontinued and already granted tuition fees must be paid as effective from applicable semester of studentship. It will be continued only after completing the said semester and compliance to the provisions of the guidelines.


  8. The grantee must be free from any disciplinary action as defined by the University’s handbook.

  9. The grantee may not be absent from any of his/her classes for more than twenty percent (20%) of the total number of class hours during the semester.

  10. The grantee shall have to be enrolled as a full time student. For the consideration of full-time status, an Undergraduate and Graduate students must follow:


    Minimum #of credits (academic load)




    Graduate (Except EMBA)



    4 Courses

  11. The grantee shall comply with any reasonable instruction or submit any additional document for the sole purpose of processing his/her grant.


  12. Cases of fraud (e.g., falsification of any required document) shall result in the immediate termination of the grant and restitution. Restitution pertains to the payment of fees, which the University has provided from the time the fraudulent act had been committed.

  13. In the cases involving an action for the termination of a grant, a mere preponderance of evidence shall be sufficient to establish guilt.

  14. No break in the period of study at AIUB.

  15. If a student is eligible of more than one scholarship / discount grantee will get only one scholarship/discount at a time, whichever is higher will be applicable.